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Mourn with those who mourn

Today on November 11 we will mark Veteran’s day in the United States. Other countries observe the same event as Remembrance Day or Armistice day.  November 11 is significant because it was the day...

Love Thy Neighbor 8

Relief Society Lesson 2: Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself

Guest Post by Vada Vada blogs at http://zelophehadsdaughters.com/ I thought this section in the manual was great.  Then again, I think the subject is about the best one imaginable.  I don’t think we can ever...

Sermon on the Mount 5

Relief Society Lesson #1, “Living What We Believe”

Guest Post by Eve Eve blogs at http://zelophehadsdaughters.com/ President Smith’s Creed The beginning of the lesson describes George Albert Smith writing his own personal creed, which took the form of eleven resolutions to live...