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Mental Health: A Response to the Liahona Article

Content warning: depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, mental illness This is in response to the Liahona Article “New Hope for Deeper Healing from Depression and Anxiety” by Jacob Hess, PhD Since my teen years I...


Healing through Christ

Healing the Whole Soul Christ heals a man who is paralyzed In Matthew, chapter 9, Jesus arrives in Capernaum, and almost as soon as he gets off the boat, a group of disciples bring...


Stolen Sisters

We all carry wounds. For some, those wounds have been inflicted through ongoing oppression and the violence of colonization. We have to openly reveal our wounds, to acknowledge the ways we wound each other, before we can begin to stitch each other back up.


Healing from Whiplash

I didn’t know I was going to pass out—all I knew was I didn’t feel right. For the past six hours, I had alternated between nursing my newborn baby and taking trips to the...


“Healing From Sexual Abuse” by Chieko Okazaki #MormonMeToo

As part of our #MormonMeToo series, we are re-posting the video and transcript to Chieko Okazaki’s landmark talk entitled “Healing From Sexual Abuse,” which was originally delivered at BYU’s “Embracing Hope” conference on October...

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Ugly Eyes

I don’t have pretty eyes.  Well, actually, both of my eyes are pretty individually but together the effect is not good.  My eyes look crossed. This abnormality has no health effects for me whatsoever. ...