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On White Man’s Burden

In the aftermath of recent happenings in Charlottesville, I’ve been sad and feeling powerless. I’m wrestling with my whiteness and what it means about my responsibility as a citizen of planet earth. In this...

From "A Wide and Extensive Sphere of Action" to "Guardians of the Hearth" in 129 years. What does the future hold? 31

Ordination is the Answer to Correlation

In 1906, Joseph F. Smith initiated the first churchwide correlation effort, with the goal that there would “not be so much necessity for work that is now being done by the auxiliary organizations  because it will be done by the regular quorum of the Priesthood.”...


Addressing Leaders Openly and Compassionately

                                                               (Influence by Chidi Okoye) by Caroline There’s a variety of ward Mothers Day gifts out there. From potted petunias to See’s candy bars to controversial booklets, Mothers Day gifts from the bishopric to...