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A Woman's Blessing

Sarah Ann Eliza explained that she had already lost one daughter, the doctors had told her that she probably would not have any more children, and so she had decided to be with her baby daughter while she was sick. She said, “This baby is ill. I’m not going to take her. I’m not going to leave her.”

Susa Young Gates asked, “Would you like me to give you a blessing?

My great-great-grandmother replied that she would.


Guest Post: Patrician

My mom wrote this essay in 1988, a few months after her grandmother, Juna Tye Peterson died.  The painting, Juna Tye Peterson mopping the kitchen floor at 342 W Vernon, was painted by by...


Upon One Strength, Another is Built

In 1989 I joined the church sorority, Lambda Delta Sigma. Dressed in white at the Initiation Ceremony—a ritual that incorporated some temple-like symbolism–I pledged to uphold the ideals of Spirituality, Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, and...