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So You’ve Got Identity Incongruency. Now What?

“queer PTSD” “queer mormon PTSD” “queer mormon women PTSD” Oh wait, I forgot to add the part with ADHD. “queer mormon women ADHD PTSD” It’s kind of funny that I forgot the ADHD part,...


Grandma Eliza, me, and prophets

Eliza Ann Haven Westover was my grandma’s great-grandmother. For Christmas, Grandma sent me copies of some family letters and photos, including a letter Eliza Westover wrote to her son when she was 87 and “laid...


Why I Love the “Little Drummer Boy”

I know there are people who aren’t fans of the Christmas carol, “Little Drummer Boy.” I get it. The “pa rum pum pum pum” makes up the majority of the lyrics, and that can...