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Anxiety:Team Of One

As my anxiety grew worse, I began to self-destruct like a bomb with an overeager timer set for detonation. Each day was spent with the same routine of tears before breakfast followed by tears with sprinkles of anger for lunch and an emotional meltdown (panic attack) with a side dish of tears for dinner.


Mental Health: A Response to the Liahona Article

Content warning: depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, mental illness This is in response to the Liahona Article “New Hope for Deeper Healing from Depression and Anxiety” by Jacob Hess, PhD Since my teen years I...


Healing through Christ

Healing the Whole Soul Christ heals a man who is paralyzed In Matthew, chapter 9, Jesus arrives in Capernaum, and almost as soon as he gets off the boat, a group of disciples bring...


Guest Post: Just to be Clear

Content Warning: Suicide Guest post by Green “Several parents have said they no longer want to send their children here or donate to the school.” – Jeffery R. Holland, speech from the 2021 University...