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Y me dolió (And it hurt me)

By Anya Tinajero Vega Co-founder of Mormonas Feministas. Convert of 19 years. Inquisitor, eternal student and daughter and granddaughter of exceptional women. To question is to live.  (English translation included below the Spanish text.)...


Birth/Rebirth: Becoming a LGBT Ally

January to April of 2012 was rough. My co-editor, Aimee, and I were compiling Exponent II’s LGBTQ-themed Spring issue. It was heart-breaking. These stories, more than we could publish, kept me up at night....


Answers to Prayer, Sometimes

by Jessawhy Often, I want to write about my latest doctrinal question, or the most disturbing affront to feminism I witnessed in my ward last week. But today I want to talk about occasional...