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Guest Post: Meeting Together

By Miriam Miriam is finishing her PhD at the University of Oregon and is en route to the University of Memphis where she’ll be an Assistant Professor of Criminology starting in August 2022. She...


Last summer, I was the Ward Service Project

We had a great plan. Our local water Conservancy District was offering rebates for households that revamped their yards to be more water-friendly. We wanted to do our part to save water, especially during...

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The Courage to Create Peace

The courage to create peace is the willingness to hear that the community that is a comfortable place for me is not a comfortable place for my neighbor, because peace isn’t about silencing voices we do not like, it is about hearing them fully.


Why the Radio Silence From On Top?

There has been a rare sort of radio silence in my ward and stake since the Covid19 pandemic began in March. I haven’t been very bothered by this. I’m married with three kids. No...