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Staffing Seminary

I am a member of the Relief Society Presidency and a few weeks ago we got an assignment from the Bishopric to “think of someone who could sit in on Seminary lessons” in order...


How the Patriarchy Makes My Job Harder

I’m a lawyer in solo practice in the southwestern United States. I cover a large state and parts of surrounding states, representing disability claimants before the Social Security Administration. And the patriarchy makes my...


Tell Me Her Name

In a religion that names and renames, that blesses with names at birth and in all our sacred spaces, that repeats those names in whispers, this religion is built on a tradition that tore the names from women, buried them in the desert along with their whispered stories, their prayers and visions. Silent and silenced, our nameless matriarchs have become a pillar of salt.


The Reification of Women in the Book of Mormon

It has been many years since I have read the Book of Mormon on a regular basis, but in the last few months I have returned to studying it as part of my spiritual...