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Sacred Music Sunday: Dona Nobis Pacem

I had planned to write a Lenten music post because Ash Wednesday is coming up this week. However, with the recent Russian attack on Ukraine, I felt the need to choose a different piece...


Returning to Lament

I am on the leadership team of an online ministry with Community of Christ that supports those in the middle of faith transitions. This is the text of a talk I was recently asked...

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The Courage to Create Peace

The courage to create peace is the willingness to hear that the community that is a comfortable place for me is not a comfortable place for my neighbor, because peace isn’t about silencing voices we do not like, it is about hearing them fully.


This is Life Eternal

The search for eternal life has been a concern of many religions and philosophical traditions throughout human history. This is especially poignant in our own tradition – Adam and Eve were immortal, ate the...