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Sacrament Meeting Talk: Personal Revelation

I often think that when my kids are grown they may choose a variety of paths for their lives – and that’s completely up to them. However, I hope that no matter what path they choose, that they can feel that love from God in their hearts.


Healing through Christ

Healing the Whole Soul Christ heals a man who is paralyzed In Matthew, chapter 9, Jesus arrives in Capernaum, and almost as soon as he gets off the boat, a group of disciples bring...


Announcement: Winter 2014 Issue Now Available

This issue explores important themes like the current rhetoric surrounding the modesty discourse from marriage and family therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, as well as a beautiful collection of personal essays and inspired artwork.  Subscribe or...


Sacrament Talk: "Do you see this woman?"

December of 2001. Each Thursday night, I traveled to a liberal arts college to teach Institute to five undergraduate women. We were nearing the end of our study of the Gospels, and had returned...