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Guest Post: Letter to Not All Men

by Kristen Shill Dear NAM, Hey. I come in peace. <ironically waves white hanky> I’m kind of a hippie pacifist, who has had to work really deliberately on direct and assertive communication. Believe me,...


Zuleika (Potiphar’s wife) and Joseph #MormonMeToo

In Jewish and Muslim traditions, we are told that the wife of Potiphar was named Zuleika. The name Zuleika is of Pashtun origin, and it’s meaning is “Radiant One” and “Brilliant and Lovely.”  Thus,...


Hagar: Scriptural patterns of sexual assault

The Abrahamic covenant is a key part of Mormon doctrine.  We believe that by making and keeping our covenants, we can receive all the blessings that Abraham was promised even if we are not...