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Guest Post: When Asking for Forgiveness

CW: child abuse and neglect by Anonymous Members of my extended family feel a special bond with Brad, my nephew. He has an infectious smile, intelligence, empathy, and an eye for seeing the beauty in...


Redemption in Baking

I served this imperfect cheesecake. It was sweet, silky, and lemony puddle, and I knew I was more than someone who couldn’t get the shape of my cheesecake just right.



I am an introvert. I get my energy from being by myself and being undisturbed. Being at large parties or being around people I don’t know, emotionally and physically overwhelms me, makes me anxious,...

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To Speak Openly, Frankly, and with Love

“Emily, you have to let him preside in the home.  He should be the one to lead prayer, call everyone to Family Home Evening, and direct things in matters of the priesthood in general. ...