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Poll: Camping Out With Dad

Camp In Belgium, a photo by Freek van den Bergh on Flickr. Last weekend, our ward celebrated the anniversary of the priesthood commemoration by sending all the fathers and sons on a camp-out. As...


Exponent II Classics: Pharisees and Sinners

Laurel T. UlrichCambridge, MassachusettsVol. 4, No. 4, Spring 1978 I sometimes hear Mormon women talk about being caught between two worlds. They can’t identify with the hostility of secular feminism, yet they feel ill-at-ease...


Strengthening Our Ward Communities

This sacrament talk was given in the Longfellow Park Ward in Cambridge, Massachusetts and published in Exponent II’s Winter 1999 issue. Enjoy! Recently I spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in...