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I Won’t Hate This Body…Even If You Think I Should

When I was a wee little thing, I asked Heavenly Father to bless me with big boobs. Greatly influenced by watching soap operas during the entire summer vacation, I discovered that the women on television who seemed to get the most attention seemed to be blessed with large chests and tiny waists.


This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Postum

Five years ago, I was pregnant with my last child, enduring the heartburn that always came with my pregnancies. With a little baking soda, some medication and the swearing off of Diet Coke during...

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Poll: Self-Improvement or Altruism

In my graduate school course on nonprofits, the professor explained that churches tend to specialize in one of two areas. Some churches focus on the self-improvement of their members. These churches emphasize adherence to...


Poll: Obeying the Word of Wisdom

I think D&C Section 89 has some beautiful parts in it, and the promises in it are some of my favorite in the scriptures (finding wisdom and great treasures of knowledge through a proper...



by Zenaida Stake Conference: The Stake President’s message this time was mainly about the Energy Drink “epidemic.” He began by reminding us that the Ensign is scripture. Then encouraged us to go home and...


love and marriage (and spouses who change)

by G Several years ago Elder David Bednar gave a devotional address at BYU where he recounted this story: “Sister Bednar and I are acquainted with a returned missionary who had dated a special...