THARCE-Gulu: Helping Former Child Soldiers

**update: donate to THARCE-Gulu and be entered in FMH’s “awesomest raffle ever

One of Exponent II’s founding mothers, Judy Dushku, has been working with former child soldiers in Uganda and records these women’s* heartbreaking and triumphant stories in the our Winter 2010 issue (pgs. 12-16).  You can also read more about Judy and her NGO, THARCE-Gulu at FMH here.

Right now, Judy’s daughter, Eliza Dushku is raising $30,000 to buy land to build a “comprehensive recovery center for former child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda” as a 30/30/30 campaign because her 30th birthday is on December 30th and she’s working to raise $30,000.  An inspiring birthday wish! 

I love it when I know the people who are involved in the charities I donate to–even if I just know them by reputation because I feel confident that my money will be used efficiently and productively.  Because I know Judy (and FMHers, ECS and Reese Dixon)  is involved in THARCE-Gulu, I have the utmost confidence that the my donation, meager as it is, will be used for good.

Click here to donate.  It’s so easy; you can do it through PayPal or your credit card.  And, is there a more appropriate gift for the holiday season than to help these survivors rebuild their lives?

*Did you know that girls are also kidnapped to be child soldiers?  I didn’t until I read about it from Judy.


EmilyCC lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her spouse and three children. She currently serves as a stake Just Serve specialists, and she recently returned to school to become a nurse. She is a former editor of Exponent II and a founding blogger at The Exponent.

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2 Responses

  1. Jessawhy says:

    When I saw Judy, ECS, and others do this presentation at the Exponent retreat I was blown away.
    The power of what they’re doing just brought me to tears.

    I looked at the 30/30/30 campaign and you don’t have to donate (and every little bit helps!), you can share the campaign via Facebook, twitter, or email, to help them meet their goals.

    In fact, if you’re really interested, I know they’re taking another trip in 2011. Perhaps you can go along. . .

  2. Judy Dushku says:

    Sisters, Sisters!! I love you ALL. Reminiscing about my daughter’s birth, when I was divorcing her dad, I remember the nurses told me I could invite one or two “significant others” into the labor room. My own sister, Trish, came, and Carrel Sheldon (an ExII Founding Mother) and two other Exponent Sisters. One had a camera, but I lost the pictures since they were embarrassing in those days long gone. But now here are my Mormon/Exponent Sisters cheering me as that little baby turns 30 and joins the cause for lifting up women in the hard times in their young lives in Uganda. Exponent II – always there – women/sisters at their best. How deeply I love you.

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