The #LDS Church has announced that it will discontinue sponsorship of Scouts BSA

Just one week after Boy Scouts changed to a gender-inclusive name to accommodate accepting girls into the program, the LDS Church has announced that it is severing its 105-year partnership with the organization.

Mormon Church severs all ties with Boy Scouts

April Young Bennett

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4 Responses

  1. Anon male says:

    True, but the BSA name change isn’t the reason. It’s because they need a youth program that works globally. And they said that and this link should too.

    The church isn’t growing much in the US (you can see the global decrease in the newest stats which are no longer shared in conference) and US youth are less religious period. So going forward they need to serve their base.

    • spunky says:

      I agree and disagree, respectfully. I agree that the church needs a more global youth program– desperately! The Faith in God stuff is barely being noticed by the Young Men because it’s loosely based on one Boy Scout Badge and sin’t reaching Young Men (In 20 years outside of the USA, I’ve yet to see anything of it other than a dusty, disused poster in any ward I’ve attended)

      But the name change is significant. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” said Shakespeare– but the church disagrees.The church in Australia, UK and New Zealand have not had a scout program in 30 years– coinciding with the name change from “Boy Scouts” to “Scouts” and becoming gender-inclusive.

  2. malee801 says:

    The name of the Boy Scouts of America is NOT changing. The BSA runs more than a half dozen youth programs for girls and boys such as Sea Scouts, Exploring, and Venturing. The Boy Scouts program that traditionally served 11-17 year old boys is changing to Scouts USA.

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