“The Mormon #metoo Moment” on Wheat & Tares

Angela Clayton, LDS blogger at Wheats & Tares, was recently interviewed by Doug Fabrizio of KUER on a panel that included Natasha Helfer Parker and Lindsey Hansen Park on the topic of “Authority, Abuse, and the LDS Church.”


This is a link to a follow-up article filled with advice she would give the LDS Church given what has come to light in the #MormonMeToo moment.


Wendy has had multiple lives, figuratively speaking, but she likes the one she's living now the most.

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  1. MDearest says:

    This is the best, most thorough and well-organized survey of what change would look like if victims and survivors mattered appropriately in sexual assault cases that happen in the church. It’s worthy of reading and being shared widely.

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