The Story of He

I posted this poem a little over a year ago. Not publicly, of course. Instead, I posted it in a Mormon Feminist group, where it could safely reach some without creating discomfort for others.

How I felt at church today:

She listened

To hear “her” named;

The “I” narrating Her own life.


A mother.

A sister.

God, in, of, and through women.

The story of She.

But she found only”Him” named.

The “I” narrating His own life –

– And hers;

All his.

A father.

A brother.

God in, of, and through men.

The story of He.

I came across it today by accident while searching for something totally unrelated. In light of the latest LDS Conference Broadcast for Women (By Men), where men cautioned women against praying to our Heavenly Mother and even seeking Her, finding it again felt serendipitous.

I wanted to voice this yearning for Her a year later; to declare it publicly.

However you seek the feminine divine: whether by focusing on both the named and unnamed women in scripture, by praying for more of Her, by reading the words of inspirational women, by sending letters asking apostles and prophets for revelation, through quite contemplation, by sharing your feelings with friends, by pointing out inequalities at church, through poetry, by capitalizing and speaking Her name; know that you are not alone in your yearning and seeking Her is a beautiful, sacred thing.

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4 Responses

  1. Beth Young says:

    Ask for the revelation for yourself, you can and will receive. I no longer believe that the Q15 can and do receive revelation. Certainly not for women. They are well-paid, corporate executives, who benefit if we stay in the pews and keep donating. They ACTIVELY lobby against the ERA, which is to say, against the equality of women. And they try to gaslight us by saying it’s for our own good. Of course, they understand that equal rights for all would also include those pesky LGBTQ people and the Q15 can’t have THAT.

  2. Katie Rich says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem. I’m glad you found it again.

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