Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • "We are asking in good faith to be persuaded on this practice…" great comment by rah on BCC's Let my People Pray #
  • Ada Lovelace Day "share your story about a woman … who has inspired you to become who you are today." #
  • Does a lack of makeup signal incompetence in women? #
  • Men-ups! Manly men in old-fashioned pin-up girl poses. Awesome! #
  • Fashion advice for sister missionaries: There isn't an equivalent page for elders. #Mormon #
  • The cause of our time…is gender inequality: #
  • Kaimi give us "Official Declaration 3" – What types of affirmative action are acceptable in the kingdom of God? #
  • "…tying my brain in knots trying to understand why people don't see the double standard they ascribe to." #
  • Bus Driver kicks off Mom & Crying Baby "the bus stopped again only a few feet away and all the other passengers exited" #
  • Let My People Pray: It's time to consider having women give opening/closing prayers in General Conference: #

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