Valentine’s Day: Women of the Bible Edition

It is that time of year again…that last minute scramble to find the ideal way to tell someone you love how much they mean to you.  You want that perfect card: something visually beautiful that can be displayed with pride on a desk or at home but also with the message that perfectly captures the feelings of your heart.  Last year The Exponent Blog proudly (reluctantly? unwittingly until it was too late?) introduced a line of tasteful and timeless Church history Valentines, featuring your favorite friends from Nauvoo.  If that theme better fits your Valentine’s style, check them out here!

This year we’re thrilled to offer a new collection of Valentines featuring the ladies of the Bible.  Print them off on cheap copier paper, scrawl your name, and show someone how much you care!  Bonus points if you tape candy on — everyone knows the best Valentines have sweets.  Candy not included.

Full disclosure:  Every Monday night I check my feminism at the family room door and watch The Bachelor for two beautiful, glorious hours.  What can I say, I love the journey of true love.  I drew these while watching and ran out of time to finish.  Needless to say, I accept no criticism of the quality of the art…because there is nothing here you could possibly criticize.

Martha Introducing: Martha, of the New Testament!

“I am careful and troubled about many things … like how hot you are.”


With only the two-on-one date left to watch, I was running out of time, and also needed to give the TV a great deal of attention.  So I meticulously cut and pasted the finest of church art into my free Paintbrush program and added some darling hearts, which I drew freestyle.  Personalize this beautiful one of a kind card with your name, and if you have them, some stickers!  This card can also be a subtle reminder that maybe you’re doing more than your fair share of housework.



The always lovely … Eve!

“The serpent’s head isn’t the only thing I could crush on!”


This tastefully drawn work of art will be a one of a kind card for that special someone who sometimes quotes the Temple film like it is a regular movie, but isn’t sure if that is sinful or not because a lot of the script is also in the scriptures.  Play it safe. Though this card is clever, do not laugh too raucously. Also, you’re in luck! Despite the fact that some claim it is possible to buy anything in this world with money, this card is free so you won’t need to!


Esther   So foxy that she got her own book…Esther!

“Valentine, I know thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this!”

Minerva Teichert’s work could only have been improved if it were done with a crappy computer program while she was watching reality TV.  Here you see just a glimpse of what her genius might have looked like with the right technology.  This card is perfect for that someone who is way hotter than Vashti, and who also speaks her mind!

This is not a great card for a frenemy plotting the downfall and destruction of your people.


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9 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    These are wonderful, Em. And the descriptions were gold. You have a true gift.

  2. Janelle says:

    “Minerva Teichert’s work could only have been improved if it were done with a crappy computer program while she was watching reality TV.  Here you see just a glimpse of what her genius might have looked like with the right technology.”

    Bwahaa! Love a woman that can weave self depreciating humor with artistic flair. Funny stuff.

  3. OregonMum says:

    Love it! Thanks for the good chuckle this morning.

  4. Cruelest Month says:

    Thanks Em! I needed a boost of levity and love today.

  5. Caroline says:

    Oh my gosh, Em, you are awesome at this. Ha!!

  6. Ziff says:

    Ha! These are wonderful! Now I wish Valentine’s Day were more frequent so I wouldn’t have to wait another year to see your next series!

  7. EmilyCC says:

    Would it be bad to print these up and send them with my preschooler for her Valentine’s? They are THE.BEST!

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