Valentine’s Day

Today I went to ShopKo to buy Valentines. Once I got there I thought “why should I pay four dollars for a card I barely even like?” I love Valentine’s Day but I resent the gouging that goes on as we’re pressured to celebrate in a specific way.  I decided to help out my Exponent sisters by providing you with some Exponent-y Valentines.  I’d had this idea for about two weeks but realized that I have neither the programs nor the ability to do some fancy-shmancy photoshop.  So this is the product of me, Paintbrush and an evening in my jammies watching the Olympics.

Eliza R. Snow:

Eliza R. Snow valentine






You, single? The thought makes reason stare!


Emma Hale Smith:

emma valentine






I elect me to be your lady!


Lucy Mack Smith:

lucy mack val






Sitting next to you is always heaven to me!


From the Exponent II:

Exponent valentine






My love for you grows Exponent-ially!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my sisters!

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15 Responses

  1. MikeM. says:

    Love ’em! Best Exponent post ever!

  2. April says:

    Oh! I feel so warm and fuzzy now. Thank you!

  3. Melody says:

    Brilliant and beautiful! Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day, sister!

  4. Jessawhy says:

    That is adorable and clever. Thanks for the post!

  5. spunky says:

    Yay! These are REAL Valentines– or at least real to me.

    I <3 Em!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Rachel says:

    I love them, Em. Happy Valentines.

  7. Suzette says:

    Fantastic! I love you all too.

  8. Jeanette says:

    Wonderful! Please print and sell boxed sets next year!

  9. Caroline says:

    Ha! My husband actually printed out that last one about Exponent and made a Valentine’s card with it. I was wondering where he got the idea. 🙂 Great job, Em.

  10. Libby says:

    I love these!!! Em, you’re awesome.

  11. Ziff says:

    Thanks for linking back to these! I don’t know how I missed them when they were first posted last year. I love them! So hilarious!

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