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Virtual Oases, July 22

Just because:

–By Deborah


Deborah is K-12 educator who nurtures a healthy interest in reading, writing, running, ethics, mystics, and interfaith dialogue.

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  1. AnaCA says:

    Thanks for the link. You always make me feel famous! 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    Deborah, I know this may be a strange place to ask, but can you send me an e-mail? I remember you and your sister from the Cambridge singles ward and I wanted to ask a few questions about your sister and the daughter she adopted. I have a friend who has done something similar and I think she could use some support. Thanks. I do enjoy this blog and appreciate all the work you all have put into it.

  3. EmilyCC says:

    I love an Ana recipe!

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