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Virtual Oases, November 24

Just because:

And finally:


Deborah is K-12 educator who nurtures a healthy interest in reading, writing, running, ethics, mystics, and interfaith dialogue.

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8 Responses

  1. AmyB says:

    Uh oh, Deborah. Whooping cough? That sounds miserable!!! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Deborah says:

    Amy (smile)!

    Hasn’t been pleasant, but I seem to be over the worst (fingers [cough] crossed). My doctor said it is much more common in adults than people think and on the rise . . . I’m going to ask him what other boosters are worth getting! Any insights, Nurse Dora?

  3. M&M says:

    Actually, there are three LDS folks/groups on that list!

    Deborah, get better!

  4. M&M says:

    That sounded bossy. Deborah, I hope you get better soon! 🙂

  5. Dora says:

    Hmmm … whooping cough is never fun. Best advice is have a general practitioner doctor, and actually go for your exams every year. It’s like going to the dentist … maintenance that a surprising number of people don’t take time for.

    Every once in a while, we see a child in the PICU with whooping cough, generally transmitted from a parent, who is hacking and coughing up a storm. As far as I know, adults can get through it, although the down time can be pretty miserable. However, infants and young children are not able to handle the respiratory strain, and can get critically ill. So, make sure children’s vaccinations are up to date.

    Also, if travelling to remote areas, check with the CDC website to see about recommended vaccinations. I do that and have an excellent travel doctor who is totally up to date on infectious diseases around the world.

  6. Eric Manch says:

    re: terrible 80’s videos:

    My memories of the Safety Dance are hazy, because I was first introduced to the melody via Weird Al’s brilliant parody, “The Brady Bunch.” I suppose I can thank the Dr. Demento Show for that.

    (note: not a real video)

  7. janeannechovy says:

    I think Lionel Richie really liked that student because they had the same hairdo. 🙂

  8. jana says:

    I already mentioned this to Deborah personally, but I’ll say it here:

    My newborn son got whooping cough before he was immunized (back then they didn’t give the DTP shots until 6 weeks and I’m not sure when it is now). We came close to losing him. He was turning blue and was hospitalized in isolation and on oxygen for several days before he could breathe on his own again.

    I got pertussis, too (my childhood vaccines having worn off). I also got pneumonia along with it. It wasn’t life threatening for me, but it was miserable. Pertussis lasts for _months_.

    The person it was toughest on though, was my Dad who was undergoing cancer treatment at the time. He caught it (tho having had it as a child–his immune system was repressed from his chemo). It hastened his death…his body just wasn’t strong enough to fight it…

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