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  • In our recent discussion about missions and stress, conversation turned to depression. This post, by the wonderful blogger Daring Young Mom, was interesting not just for its description of recovering from depression — but for the comments: one woman after another saying, “Yup, I get it.” She links to another post that asks, “Doesn’t it seem like there’s an epidemic of depression among women?
  • Just because: I quite unexpectedly cried through his speech at the Democratic Convention, enjoyed his memoir of growing up bi-racial, and felt star-struck when I bumped into him (literally) in the basement of the Capital last April. Now Barack Obama is speaking about faith, and I love him all the more: “”Faith doesn’t mean that you don’t have doubts. You need to come to church in the first place precisely because you are first of this world, not apart from it.”


Deborah is K-12 educator who nurtures a healthy interest in reading, writing, running, ethics, mystics, and interfaith dialogue.

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    Thank you for your link and another opportunity for women to read about this.

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    This is very interesting site… »

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