Virtual Writing Workshop Series

The following is from Exponent II incoming Editor in Chief Rachel Rueckert.

Dear Exponent II Community:

I am thrilled to announce that Exponent II will be launching a virtual Writing Workshop Series on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 9pm-10pm EST. Craft Writing Workshops will focus on teaching specific writing skills, and Generative Writing Workshops will create a low-stakes, supportive space to make new writing.

We’re all busy. We know our individual lives feel difficult right now, and we also acknowledge the constraints on everyone’s time and creative capacities. Yet, we feel a yearning for community. This series, aligned with the Exponent II mission, will keep all of this in mind. We hope to cultivate solidarity, share and gather concrete writing skills, underscore the wonderful work already happening, and empower you to tell your stories.

There are two kinds of workshops offered in the series:

Craft Writing Workshops
The world is not divided into “writers” and “non-writers.” Humans are story-telling beings, and writing is a skill that can be honed like any other. Craft workshops will demystify some of the writing process by focusing on a specific writing skill each month.
Register for our Craft Writing Workshops on the first Tuesday of every month at 9 pm EST here.

Generative Writing Workshops
Rather than a critique group (which focuses on giving critical feedback to improve writing), this workshop will be devoted to generating new material while showing solidarity and support. These will be working meetings with no time for perfectionism. Following the same routine every workshop, participants will have a chance to freewrite on a choice of given prompts. At the end, there will be an optional opportunity to share what people wrote in a safe, fun, and low-stakes setting. You don’t have to read or prepare anything in advance to get involved. All writing levels and genre interests are welcome.
Register for our Generative Writing Workshops on the third Tuesday of every month at 9 pm EST here.

These workshops will all be free to attend. However, if you are able, we would welcome and appreciate donations at  and new magazine subscriptions (which can also be ordered as gifts). All proceeds will go toward the sustainability of the magazine and organization.

By registering for each workshop, you will get invitations to forthcoming series events. Don’t feel pressured to attend every one—drop in whenever you can. We hope to see you there!

Rachel Rueckert
Incoming Editor In Chief, Exponent II Magazine

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  1. EmilyCC says:

    This is why I am so grateful that we have fairly frequent rotations in our organization. This is a BRILLIANT idea. How has EXII never thought of it before?

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