Wanna Be a Cover Girl?

As you’ve probably heard, the next issue of Sunstone focuses on women and their experiences in the modern church. Kristine Haglund has been working with Dan Wotherspoon to put it together. They are in the final stages and still looking for images for the cover collage. If you have something you’d like considered, e-mail it to: dan@sunstoneonline.com

More info from Dan and Kristine:

We are looking for any and all images/photos that relate to today’s LDS/Mormon women. Pix of women by themselves or with their families. Pix of single LDS women. Pix of women of all ages. Pix of women doing something they enjoy. Pix that depict something about their lives and interests, whatever they may be. Women in contemplation, doing sports, creating art, running on the beach, being a mommy, whatever…. Even pix that don’t have women in them but perhaps represent an interest (photography, film, reading, scripture study, etc.)

Our plan is to create a collage of images for the next Sunstone cover (dedicated to Mormon women in 2007) and for use in various ways inside the magazine to link the diverse pieces in the women’s voices section together so they feel related to each other both in content and general “look.”

If you have anything you like–whether of you or friends, or if you know of any images that we might use (for free!), we’d love to get them ASAP so we can begin sorting through them and get going more than we have already on design elements. The sooner the better. Today or tomorrow would be wonderful. Friday would be probably the latest we could accept. Next week definitely too late.

There is probably only time to handle digital photos (sent as attachments through email) — unless you can get your paper-based photos to the Sunstone office in the next day or so (let me know if you need the address).

Thanks for the help.

John, Dan Wotherspoon and Kristine Haglund


Deborah is K-12 educator who nurtures a healthy interest in reading, writing, running, ethics, mystics, and interfaith dialogue.

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