June Young Women Lesson: What are my responsibilities in the work of the priesthood?

The lesson plan, What are my responsibilities in the work of the priesthood? is new, replacing the 2013 lesson plan, What are the duties of priesthood holders?

I am excited about this change. The new focus will be much more uplifting for Young Women than spending the hour talking about the roles only their male counterparts play and makes it a little easier to follow the sensitivity recommendations in this Young Women lesson about priesthood and in this Young Women Lesson about priesthood.  (Still, I recommend that Young Women leaders go over the advice in the introductions to both of these lessons before you begin the priesthood unit. Another post I recommend to help advisors develop empathy for Young Women who may have difficulty with the priesthood curricula is Teaching Lessons on the Priesthood to Young Feminists.)


Introduce the doctrine

Share the introductory statement of the lesson plan:

The work of the priesthood includes more than the duties of priesthood holders. It is God’s work—the work of blessing and exalting His children—accomplished by His covenant-keeping children. Women are essential in accomplishing the work of the priesthood. We minister to those in need, teach the gospel, and invite all to come unto Christ.

As we review the duties of the priesthood, tell the Young Women to look for examples of priesthood duties that woman participate in.

Interactive Quiz

As a quick, entertaining way to review the scriptures about priesthood duties, begin by inviting the Young Women to take the LDS Priesthood Offices Quiz. This quiz is interactive and requires Internet access and a few phones, laptops or tablets. In the ward I attend, several people bring their phones or tablets to church, often using them for their electronic scriptures and hymnals. If these amenities are not available in your ward, you may print a paper version. NEW: A printable paper version is included below.

To try the quiz yourself, go to https://b.socrative.com/login/student/ and enter the room number 71UYOMJUTH.  Please note that the website limits the number of people who can take the quiz at once to 50 people. If the virtual classroom is full when you attempt to take the quiz, follow the instructions below to make your own personal copy of the quiz. Your own copy will work regardless of how many users are using the original quiz.

To guarantee that you do not have problems with the classroom limit during your own class time, make your own personal copy of the quiz by following these instructions:

1. Go to http://m.socrative.com/lecturer/#lecturerLogin on the Internet or install the free “Socrative Teacher” app onto your phone or tablet. (Find it on your device app store.) Create your own Teacher Login.

2. Select “Manage Quizzes” then “Import Quiz” then “Import Shared Quiz”.

3. Enter this number: SOC-9970947 and click “Import Quiz”.

4. Scroll down and click “Save”.

5. Verify that “LDS Priesthood Offices Quiz” is selected and click “Student-paced Quiz” to start the quiz. Take note of your room number, which is displayed on your webpage or app.

6. During your class, tell the students to install the free “Socrative Student” app onto their phones or tablets  (available in their app stores).  Alternatively. go to http://www.socrative.com/ on the Internet of a computer and click “Student Login”. Then, the students must enter your room number.

7. The students will now be able to take the quiz. When finished, they have the option of closing the quiz or passing their phone/tablet to another student to accommodate students who do not have their own devices.

8. As students complete their quizzes, the teacher can see their results by clicking “Live Results” on the website or the Teacher app.

Learn Together

Did you have any questions about the information in the quiz? As you went over the priesthood duties in the quiz, did you notice any duties that women perform in the church as well as men?

Choose some quotes by apostles and auxiliary leaders to share from this list: How do women currently exercise the priesthood?

This post contains a list of recent quotes by apostles and auxiliary leaders about how women are or are not involved in the priesthood. Discuss these quotes with the Young Women. Do they answer some of their questions about women and priesthood? What other questions do the Young Women have? How can we meet President Burton’s challenge to understand the priesthood?

Live what we are learning

Invite the Young Women to share with their families what they learned today. They may invite family members to take the LDS Priesthood Offices Quiz as part of a family home evening, or they may discuss their questions and insights about women and the priesthood with their parents.

Printable Priesthood Quiz

priesthood quiz




April Young-Bennett

April Young Bennett is the author of the Ask a Suffragist book series and host of the Religious Feminism Podcast. Learn more about April at aprilyoungb.com.

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8 Responses

  1. Em says:

    Thank you for this! I am seriously dreading next month since every lesson is on the priesthood. It is so hard to make it relevant to the girls, and it is also hard for me with my own private struggles. I loved the quiz! I think I would probably transcribe it rather than having them take it digitally since the internet can be dodgy in our building, and if we have visitors or girls without technology I wouldn’t want them to feel left out. I really loved especially some of the surprise answers — things we have priesthood holders do, but which are not actually mandated by scripture. I think that will be a great point of discussion!

  2. kjoh says:

    With the help of this post I gave this lesson to my Laurels today. We talked about how many of the responsibilities of the priesthood fall on us, too; not just the holders of the priesthood. The girls all started off the lesson saying they were so tired of hearing about how they have to support the priesthood by feeding them and dressing modestly (ugh! I nearly had a heart attack). But, I knew I taught what I needed to when, during the closing prayer, one of my Laurels said “we are thankful we are as important as the priesthood.” I may have cried on my way home, I was so proud of these beautiful girls!

  3. Laura says:

    This is awesome !! I’ve been trying and trying to get in to save the quiz for Sundays lesson. It just keeps telling me max # of students exceeded….do you by chance just have the text that you could send / post?

    • I just refreshed it. It should work now.

      • Corrina says:

        April, I don’t know if you’re still checking this. But I’m trying to get into the room for the survey, and it just keeps saying “Please wait for teacher to start next activity”. I’ve tried different browsers and at different times of day, and I’ve let it sit for a long time, and still nothing. Any ideas?

        Also, thanks for your quotes on “How do women currently exercise the Priesthood?” I used them today in my Sunday School class w/ my 14-15 yo, and it went great.

  4. Thanks Corrina. Sorry about that. The quiz was somehow turned off, and I just switched it back on again. If this happens again for anyone else, just go ahead and follow instructions 1-8, that should work regardless of what is going on with the original quiz.

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